We promote the growth of LGBTI Business in Europe


The European Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is the umbrella organisation for all European national LGBTI Chambers of Commerce. The EGLCC was founded in 2018 and based on the Vienna Declaration on LGBTI Businesses, the EGLCC constitution that expresses the aim of the EGLCC: creating a generation of successful LGBTI business owners who will drive progress as powerful LGBTI business models. The EGLCC is the frame-work that will bundle all such efforts. The approach of the EGLCC is as simple as efficient: act locally but manage on a European level. We look actively for partners who are willing and capable of setting up an LGBTI Chamber of Commerce in their own country and once established, we support their development by being the link to large companies that are organised on a European level. Jointly we create valuable opportunities for both, small LGBTI businesses and large companies.


The EGLCC was founded in June 2018 by 3 national LGBTI Business units, the SGLCC (Scandinavian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce), the IGLBC (the Italian GLBT Business Chamber) and East meets West, the Vienna based organisation with a clear Central & East European focus. In July 2019, EGLCC was joined by the GGLBC (German LGBTIQ* Business Chamber). The EGLCC has its official seat in Stockholm, Sweden and is open for each nationally based LGBTI Chamber of Commerce in Europe that subscribes to the principles as put down in the Vienna Declaration on LGBTI Businesses.

The Aim of EGLCC

The EGLCC defined 4 key aims:

  • We want to make the European LGBTI businesses more visible so that they become a relevant group in their local  business community
  • We want to increase the social acceptance of LGBTI people in a business environment so that they can become a influential player in their business community
  • We want diversity to become a relevant value in the business world which will lead to powerful collaborations and create unique business opportunities
  • We want to make clear that coming out in business is not a threat to their existing successes but that it is as valuable as a personal coming out, it makes the businesses stronger, more authentic and more successful

The Members

The proud members of the EGLCC, the four active in Europe LGBTI Business Chambers: